FAQ’s / Rain Guarantee

  • Aren't all car washes really the same?   

    Whether you wash your car once a year or once a week, you will quickly appreciate Some Guy's difference. We take great pride in our service and do our best to ensure that your entire experience is positive and relaxing. From our large, easy-to-navigate lot to the cleanliness of our facility and our uniformed personnel, we stand out from all other car washes. We know you'll be pleased with the final product.

  • Will my car be safe at your car wash?   

    Yes! We pride ourselves on using the best equipment available, doing regular maintenance on our equipment, and on thoroughly training all our staff so that your car is always in the best hands. We use microfiber cloths to gently scrub away dirt and top-of-the line chemicals to ensure a clean and shiny car.

  • I lease my car. Why should i wash it regularly?   

    Washing your car regularly isn't just about protecting its resale value- it's also about giving you a safe, comfortable driving experience. Our full service washes can provide the driver with better visibility, remove organic matter before mold can grow, and prevent interference with pedals due to misplaced mats or debris buildup. And, they give you the fun of driving a a show-room clean car for as long as you have it!

  • It's going to rain. Why should I wash my car?   

    Our professional-strength products are formulated to withstand rain, so your car will still look good even if it rains tomorrow. In addition, products like RainX can help improve visibility during heavy rain. And, don't forget, we thoroughly clean the inside of your car, too, so you'll always make a good investment. Besides we offer a Rain Guarantee!!!

  • Someone spilled coffee/soda/ice cream in my car. Can you help?   

    Yes, definitely. Our detailing services can tackle nearly any stain. As with clothes, though, the longer a stain is allowed to set, the harder it is to remove, so call us as soon as possible. We will always do our best to remove any stain and will give you an honest assessment of the expected result before starting work.

  • I have a roof rack. Can I go through the wash?   

    Yes. We regularly wash many different makes and models of roof racks without incident. However, we can not be responsible for aftermarket racks that are installed incorrectly, previously damaged or broken, or that are missing parts. If your equipment has a pre-existing issue, please let us know so that we can adjust our process to prevent further damage.